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Welcome to We are here to supply you with the choices that you deserve when arranging a funeral for yourself or a beloved, with a database comprised of the best undertakers around the UK. A fast track to making a decision that is right for you and your circumstances before coming face to face with a prospective Funeral director.


  • Bereavement

    Look through our helpful list of Bereavement Services to find support when adjusting to loss in your area.
  • Coffins

    Our listed Coffin Companies will provide you with a surprising array of options that coincide with personality and ecological requirements.
  • Directories

    Check out our additional list of Funeral Directories for a more comprehensive search of Funerary Services.
  • Fleet Services

    Our extensive directory of Funeral Fleet Specialists provides you with the choices that you deserve.
  • Florists

    Find talented Florists, near you, to acquire your desired tributes and flower arrangements.
  • Funeral Directors

    The first step to a good funeral: is the right Funeral Director. Search through our comprehensive list of the best Undertakers in the business.
  • Funeral Plan

    Compare our varied lists of Funeral Plans and feel secure in planning ahead for your future.
  • Funerary Blogs

    Read up on different aspects of death, dying and bereavement via our recommended Funeral Blogs.
  • Memorials

    Find the latest in unique Memorials: from poetry to tailor made items, to forever encapsulate the sentiment you are looking to express.
  • Morticians

    Find experienced Morticians who comply with your after death care beliefs and needs.
  • Officiant

    Search for Funeral Officiants in your area that best convey your beliefs and service tone.
  • Stone Masons

    Contact superb Stone Masons and discover head stones or markers that will best immortalize you or your loved ones.
  • Trade Publications

    Need expert information? There are funeral related publications out there, offering an insight into a usually closed industry.