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Funeral-Cast is a community resource looking for interesting material for our blog. We encourage guest posts and articles from anybody involved or interested in the fields of grief, loss and funerals. We would love to hear from: grief counselors, funeral directors, other industry professionals, or people who have experienced a profound loss and now write or speak on the topic.

Content is King

Funeral services are free to promote their practice and/or product however we will only publish articles which are natural and professional in content.

To write for us there is no experience necessary and you will be in direct contact with editors (no form letter rejections).

Criteria for Guest Posts

Your article needs to be around 500 words and you should make sure that the tone and content is informative and sensitive, appealing to people with an interest in society and death.

What are you waiting for?

Please get in touch via email with your ideas and blog entries and get your story across to the Funeral-Cast community today!


Email Funeral-Cast: Info@funeral-cast.com

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